150 Cliffe Street, Fredericton's Northside

St. Mary’s Smoke Shop is the largest Tobacconist in Fredericton and maybe even New Brunswick. We are open 6 am to 10pm / 7 days a week.

St. Mary’s Smoke Shop carries most brands of cigarettes and loose tobacco. We also carry pipe and chewing tobacco, papers, lighters and confectionary products such as: pop, chips, candy bars and bottle water.

Our Humidor is filled with different types of Specialty Cigars to satisfy everyone’s taste.

As a Tobacconist we don’t have to cover our tobacco as most stores do, BUT that means NO ONE under 19 years of age is allowed to enter the store without an adult.

We also offer a ATM machine, cell phone top-up cards, long distance cards and a variety of lottery tickets and scratch tickets.

Manager: Marg Buckingham
Phone: 506-462-9603

Due to government regulations, to enter the store you must be 19 years old or accompanied by an adult. It’s against the law to purchase cigarettes for minors. Be prepared to show ID for 25 years + under.